Next to You

Your partner for integrated solutions!

We are a company dedicated to excellence in construction and advanced technology, specializing in security/IT, electrical, general contracting and building maintenance. Founded in 2013, we have established ourselves as market leaders through our unwavering dedication to innovation and quality. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing customized and integrated solutions that meet the complex needs of our clients.

In security/IT, we offer advanced systems that guarantee data and infrastructure protection, while our electrical installation services ensure energy efficiency and high quality performance. As a general contractor, we masterfully manage every stage of projects from concept to completion, ensuring that every detail is executed to the highest standards. In addition, our building maintenance service is designed to extend the durability and maximize the value of our clients’ real estate investments.

Successful collaborations with prestigious clients such as Profi, Heineken, Ford Motor Company, Lidl, Jumbo, XXXLUTZ, Continental, Rompetrol, Mol, Premium Store, Rasirom, Moncobra, Proluni Structuri, Rominserv, Etex Building Performance and V.D.M. Think Smart reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Regardless of the complexity of the project, we engage with passion and dedication to deliver outstanding results. We are ready to overcome any challenge and offer tailored solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.


Dedicated to continuous improvement and expansion, we aim to deliver a comprehensive array of services, ranging from IT solutions and electrical installations to intricate construction projects.

In light of an increased global awareness and an ongoing commitment to security and stability in both everyday life and a rapidly evolving technological landscape, we firmly believe in the essence and relevance of these fields.

In this spirit, we pledge to make sustained investments, allocating substantial resources to nurture and develop these essential branches.

In our unwavering commitment to redefine standards in the maintenance sphere, we’ve developed and implemented sophisticated customer management software.

This initiative not only streamlines our interactions with clients but also cements our dedication to efficiency and innovation in service delivery.

As part of our ongoing efforts to evolve and adapt, we proactively seek to develop advanced management techniques while providing uninterrupted technical support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This philosophy reflects our profound commitment to excellence and prompt response, ensuring that our clients benefit from the highest quality services and specialized support at any time of the day or night.


We recognize that the most rewarding offering we can provide is the assurance that your business is handled with professionalism and security.

At the end of each day, you can retire home in peace, confident that in the event of a breakdown, you will benefit from our prompt and efficient support.

Next M expands its presence seminationally, having specialized teams of electricians and technicians with mobile units in the following cities: Craiova, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Constanța, Bucharest, Brăila, Bacău, Iași, Timișoara and Mureș.

Our determination is to achieve a standard where we deliver dependable and professional maintenance services to companies throughout the country.

Our objective goes beyond geographical presence; we aim to be a trusted partner for companies nationwide, offering customized maintenance solutions to meet the unique needs of each business.

With a committed team and a proactive approach, we strive to be a steadfast supporter of success and operational stability for our partners across the country.


At Next M, our compass is set by a vibrant tapestry of core values that illuminate our unwavering commitment across all facets of our operations.


We are on a perpetual quest for fresh ideas and inventive solutions, tirelessly exploring innovations that not only enrich the experiences of our clients but also elevate the entire industry. We recognize that innovation is the catalyst for perpetual evolution.


A solemn duty underscores our approach to safety and security, extending across every project and every client. We place a premium on cultivating a secure working environment, adhering to the most stringent safety standards to guarantee the trust and peace of mind of our clients.


Our pledge to excellence and superlative performance is a badge of honor. Whether it’s the services we provide or the relationships we build with clients, we consistently strive to transcend expectations, delivering results of unparalleled quality.


We acknowledge that success is a collaborative venture forged through robust partnerships. Fostering a culture of cooperation and teamwork, we value and recognize that each contribution is a unique and indispensable piece in the mosaic of achieving shared objectives.

Customer Focus

Our clients’ needs take center stage in our endeavors. Echoing our company motto, “Next to you,” we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, offering unwavering support at every juncture.


Recognizing the uniqueness of each client and their distinctive needs, we tailor our services to match the requirements of our partners. The hallmark of our service quality is underscored by our adept handling of exceptions, showcasing adaptability and responsiveness.


“The Next Maintenance team stands out for the professionalism and exemplary dedication of its specialists. The innovative solutions proposed and implemented have ensured the functionality and reliability of the installations, contributing significantly to the success of our projects.”

Gaetan Pacton, Chief Executive Officer, Profi
“Next Maintenance has successfully installed video and access control systems supplied by Azitrend Distribution in over 400 locations nationwide, with a total of over 10,000 video cameras. The Next Maintenance teams have provided high-quality services to end-users, both in the implementation phase and in maintenance, supporting Azitrend Distribution’s efforts to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.”

Doru Asmarandei, General Manager, Azitrend Distribution

“We recommend the company for the exceptional quality of services it provides, as well as for the professionalism of its employees who have always provided support in choosing the best options and solutions for our requests, ensuring efficiency and promptness.”

Cojocaru Marian, Engineer, Rominserv
“The company Next Maintenance S.R.L. honored its commitments within the optimal parameters, and the services provided consistently rose to the standards imposed by the company’s internal requirements and the legislation in force. I confidently recommend Next Maintenance S.R.L. with the conviction that by calling on his services, you will gain a professional, devoted and highly capable collaborator.”

Tiberiu Chiriță, Administrator, Sagex
“We chose to collaborate with the company Next Maintenance S.R.L. as a service provider of electrical installations, security systems, detection and fire alarm, due to the special quality of the services provided by it. At the same time, the company always offered support in choosing the best options and solutions for our requests, ensuring efficiency and promptness.”

Boruga Sorin Ștefan, Administrator, V.D.M Think Smart