Oil and gas industry

Within the critical industry of oil and gas, we provide specialized solutions in security, automation, construction, and interior design, contributing to optimizing operations and safeguarding critical infrastructure. Here’s how we can support this complex industry:

Access Control: Surveillance and access control in critical energy facilities to prevent unauthorized intrusions.

Video Surveillance and Incident Detection: Implementation of video surveillance systems for continuous monitoring of installations. Advanced incident detection systems to react promptly in emergency situations.

Physical Security and Access Control: Design and installation of physical security systems, including CCTV, fire detection, intrusion detection, and access control. Implementation of solutions such as time tracking, barriers, and other physical security measures.

Process and Critical Infrastructure Security: Cybersecurity for oil and gas process control systems. Specific measures to protect critical infrastructure in the oil and gas industry.

IT Infrastructure and Communication: Implementation and management of communication networks for efficient data transmission. Robust IT infrastructure to support operations.

Energy Efficiency and Automation: Consultation and implementation to improve the energy efficiency of installations. Integration of automation solutions for efficient resource management.

Interior Design: Comprehensive interior design services for critical facilities, tailored to the specific requirements of the industry. Design and implementation of interior spaces, considering security and functionality aspects.


“The Next Maintenance team stands out for the professionalism and exemplary dedication of its specialists. The innovative solutions proposed and implemented have ensured the functionality and reliability of the installations, contributing significantly to the success of our projects.”

Gaetan Pacton, Chief Executive Officer, Profi
“Next Maintenance has successfully installed video and access control systems supplied by Azitrend Distribution in over 400 locations nationwide, with a total of over 10,000 video cameras. The Next Maintenance teams have provided high-quality services to end-users, both in the implementation phase and in maintenance, supporting Azitrend Distribution’s efforts to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.”

Doru Asmarandei, General Manager, Azitrend Distribution

“We recommend the company for the exceptional quality of services it provides, as well as for the professionalism of its employees who have always provided support in choosing the best options and solutions for our requests, ensuring efficiency and promptness.”

Cojocaru Marian, Engineer, Rominserv
“The company Next Maintenance S.R.L. honored its commitments within the optimal parameters, and the services provided consistently rose to the standards imposed by the company’s internal requirements and the legislation in force. I confidently recommend Next Maintenance S.R.L. with the conviction that by calling on his services, you will gain a professional, devoted and highly capable collaborator.”

Tiberiu Chiriță, Administrator, Sagex
“We chose to collaborate with the company Next Maintenance S.R.L. as a service provider of electrical installations, security systems, detection and fire alarm, due to the special quality of the services provided by it. At the same time, the company always offered support in choosing the best options and solutions for our requests, ensuring efficiency and promptness.”

Boruga Sorin Ștefan, Administrator, V.D.M Think Smart

Improve your business!

Improve your business!