IT Infrastructure Solutions: We’ve delivered top-notch services, including the installation of specialized equipment such as CCTV cameras and sensors for intrusion and fire alarms. Structured cabling for data and the installation of IT equipment like monitors, scanners, and sound systems have been executed with precision.

CCTV Dispatch Centers (Video Surveillance): Successfully managing projects involving the delivery and installation of video surveillance systems, we ensure post-execution maintenance for the optimal performance of the equipment.

Aspiration Fire Detection: Providing comprehensive services, including the design of aspiration fire detection systems, delivery, and installation of equipment, as well as commissioning and post-execution maintenance.

Electrical Installations

Ford Craiova Paint Shop: We obtained the fire operating authorization and implemented security lighting, grounding, and lightning protection. Additionally, we installed electrical panels and a generator set.

Kika Pallady: We have carried out specific equipment installation works and structured cabling for low and medium voltage electrical installations.

Michelin Romania SRL – Floresti: We constructed an industrial complex, including a production hall, chemical storage, offices, social facilities, and a warehouse for polyurethane foams. We installed external technological equipment, pathways, roads, and parking spaces.

ETI EUROPEAN FOOD INDUSTRIES Pastry Product Factory: We placed two tents – temporary constructions, implementing electrical installations.

Heineken Brewery Constanta: We built a storage hall, implementing electrical installations.

“Adrian Paunescu” Theoretical High School, Bârca, Dolj: We contributed to the construction of a multifunctional high school, installing strong and weak current electrical installations.

Amărăștii de Jos Medical-Social Center: We constructed a multifunctional pavilion, realizing strong and weak current electrical installations.

Băilești Mill and Silos: We implemented electrical installations for the mill and silos, covering aspects such as grounding and lightning protection.

Craiova Airport: We expanded the Departures and Arrivals terminals, carrying out strong current electrical installation works.

Jumbo Craiova: We intervened in electrical installation works, providing professional solutions.

Heineken Craiova: We carried out electrical installation works for ISU authorization, ensuring optimal functionality.

Rompetrol: We performed upgrades to the electrical installations in the fuel distribution stations.

Etex Rovinari: We built a production hall for the Etex client within the premises of the Oltenia Rovinari Energy Complex.

General Contractor